South Dakota Pheasant History

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South Dakota Pheasant Hunting History

Looking for an excellent hunting experience? Nothing beats a couple days at Thunder Creek Ranch with some of the world’s best pheasant hunting. While you are planning your trip to South Dakota to hunt, you may find yourself asking “if these birds are Chinese, how did they get to the heartland of the United States??”. It is an interesting story about how these birds got over here, and how the pheasants thrived under the “ideal” conditions in Ideal, South Dakota.


The story goes that this magnificent bird was brought over from China to South Dakota in 1898. Unlike many other reasons someone might bring a bird into a country(food), the pheasant was brought over for sport. On top of that, it is a delicious delicacy to most. The grassland prairies and crop land is actually very similar to the terrain that the pheasant came from. Because of this, the South Dakota pheasant thrived and later on became the state bird.

Enjoy your South Dakota pheasant hunt!

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